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Better SAFECID Than Sorry

Join the Safecid Revolution

Find out why smart Beer Line Cleaners and Brewers switch to SAFECID

Join the Safecid Revolution

Find out why smart Beer Line Cleaners and Brewers switch to SAFECID

Safe Beer Line Cleaner & Brewery Cleaning

Strong Non-Toxic Brewing Cleaning Chemicals For Smart Brewers Like You

SAFECID Beer Line Cleaner and Brewery Cleaner are the foundation of a revolutionary new line of brewing cleaning chemicals, draft beer line cleaners and tap line cleaners – in both alkaline and acid solutions – that will clean your beer lines and kegs – and all of your brewery equipment with the strength of sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid – but NONE of the dangers or hazards. Imagine working with a safer and more powerful beer line cleaning solution that keeps your beer lines and brewery equipment CLEANER – and ensures that your employees and customers are SAFE from the toxic and dangerous chemicals found in other brands. Join the growing number of enlightened Craft Brewers and Beer Line Cleaners across the United States who are making the switch to SAFECID. Make the switch and see how SAFECID cleans better and makes your operation safer and more environmentally-friendly.

Watch this video to learn why one of the Chicago metro area’s top beer line cleaning professionals made the switch to SAFECID beer line cleaner.

“I’m sure everybody in the business has heard horror stories of chemical cleaner being left in the system accidentally – and then someone ends up consuming the chemical. Why would you take that risk? I don’t know why you would want to risk hurting your customers by bringing toxic, harmful chemicals into a food service application, which is essentially what beer is: a food service product.”

Lou Matsie

Brass Tap Beverage Systems

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We believe so strongly in the power and safety of our products that we’d like to offer you a Free Trial. Simply fill out a form, tell us about your operation, and we will reach out to you to discuss free delivery of the right product for your application.

Craft Brewery Cleaning with SAFECID

Meet Chad Ostram at Brewfinity Brewing

Find out why Chad uses SAFECID brewery cleaner to clean almost everything in his brewery

Chad Ostram, award-winning owner and brewmaster of Brewfinity Brewing, stresses the importance of keeping his brewing equipment 100% clean – and his employees and customers safe from harmful chemicals. That’s why he chose SAFECID Brewery Cleaner to clean all the beer lines, kegs and fermenters in his brewery. It is the best brewery cleaning chemical he knows, and it ensures that all of his brewing equipment is sparkling clean, that his beers are premium quality, and that his brewing operation is safe and eco-friendly. Check out his story in the video below.

Home Brewery Cleaning

Home Brewery Beer Tap Cleaner

Matt Dailey and The Oil Creek Brewing Story

Find out why Matt uses SAFECID homebrew cleaner to make some of the finest award-winning beers in Pennsylvania

Award-winning Home Brewer extraordinaire Matt Dailey of Oil Creek Brewing is an inspiring Safecid success story.  Like a lot of Home Brewers, Matt used a powdered brewery wash to clean his kegs and brewing equipment; but even though this product is an industry standard, Matt felt it was falling short. Learn why he now uses SAFECID Alkaline Cleaner to clean his kegs, brewing equipment and draft beer lines.


A Word From Our Customers

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DRAFT Beer Line CLEANER and Brewery Cleaner

Strong, safe, non-toxic brewery cleaning & beer line cleaning solutions for smart brewers like you.

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We believe so strongly in the power and safety of our products that we’d like to offer you a free trial – fill out a simple form and tell us about your operation and we will reach out to you to arrange free delivery of the right product for your application.



Beer Line Cleaning Best Practices

Beer line cleaning is a critical process in the operation of any bar, restaurant, or brewery. Clean your beer lines regularly to minimize the growth of bugs and bacteria and protect the health and safety of your patrons. Clean beer lines keep your beer fresh and tasting as the brewer intended. Fresh, true-tasting beer is key to attracting new customers and retaining your valued old ones.


Safety Education for Beerline Cleaners

As the hospitality/service industry begins to reopen its door and COVID-19 social restrictions are gradually lifted, the health and safety of employees and patrons are of the highest priority. With a return to “the new normal,” there is an increased focus on cleanliness while giving beer lovers what they’ve been craving – great tasting tap beer.


How to Detect Dirty Beer Lines

The best test of clean beer lines is the clean, pure taste of beer. If anything tastes off or funky, raise an eyebrow. Without regular maintenance and cleaning, beer lines get dirty fast. If the beer tastes stale or sour, this is a sign of dirty beer lines. Another taste, or “mouth feel” is that of butter or a fatty, slippery buttery feeling in the mouth. This indicates the presence of diacetyl.