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Better SAFECID Than Sorry

Safety Education for Beerline Cleaners

May 13, 2022

As the hospitality/service industry begins to reopen its door and COVID-19 social restrictions are gradually lifted, the health and safety of employees and patrons are of the highest priority. With a return to “the new normal,” there is an increased focus on cleanliness while giving beer lovers what they’ve been craving – great tasting tap beer.

However, this increased demand brings potential new safety and cleanliness concerns. The chemicals used in the beer line cleaning process are powerful. In fact, some beer line cleaning solutions contain chemicals that can burn your skin or eyes and are toxic to breathe. When overused or used incorrectly, it can result in harm (or even death) to humans if consumed.

A Bell’s Brewery sales representative had a close call when they stopped at an establishment to perform a quality check on a customer’s beer. Instead of a refreshing beverage, the employee unknowingly served a glass of caustic cleaning solution. The solution burned their throat and esophagus, resulting in an overnight hospital stay. Fortunately, the employee immediately realized the cleaning solution was over-diluted. Thanks to some quick thinking and knowing how to react to the situation, the rep’s injuries were less severe than they could have been.

Incidents such as this could have been prevented had the establishment been using Safecid Beer Line Cleaning products. All Safecid products carry a “triple zero” rating on the hazmat (hazardous materials scale), meaning our products are safe for human contact. Safecid cleaners do not burn skin or eyes and are non-toxic to breathe, as well as safe for groundwater release.

Safecid Beerline Cleaner stands apart from traditional beer line cleaning solutions. Engineered with patented, revolutionary chemistry our alkaline beer line cleaning products have the strength of traditional sodium hydroxide. Our acid products have the strength of traditional hydrochloric acid. However, all Safecid products are 0-0-0- on the hazardous-materials scale rendering them safe. There are no other products like this on the market. “Power and safety” with none of the danger or hazards.

Regardless of the cleaning solution you’re using, following all the necessary safety procedures minimizes the risk of exposure to employees and beer-loving patrons alike. The most important elements of beer line cleaning are education and training. Safecid recommends the following steps to ensure your lines are cleaned safely and effectively:

  • Protection: Always wear personal protection equipment (PPE) such as rubber gloves and protective eyewear when cleaning beer lines. While our products are safe, they can cause minor skin or eye irritations. If you come into direct contact with the product, rinse the affected area with water.
  • Dilution: Add chemicals to water if diluted traditional caustic cleaners; if done in reverse, it can cause a rapid increase in temperate and greater risk for injury. However, if you’re using Safecid Alkaline Beer Line Cleaner, this is a non-issue.
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS): Always read the SDS on any chemical or cleaning solution you plan to use (even if it’s Safecid). Failure to do so can result in damage to beer lines or injury to a person.
  • Training: Ensure beer line cleaners and other appointed employees are trained in proper cleaning procedures and take the necessary precautions when performing the task.

SafeCID beer line cleaning products & brewery cleaning products are the powerful solution that keeps your beer lines and brewery equipment clean and your employees safe. No other brewery cleaning solution on the market delivers this much power with this much safety at an affordable price