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Better SAFECID Than Sorry

Safety In Brewing Cleaning

Improve Brewery Safety With SAFECID

Safecid Beer Line & Brewery Cleaning Chemicals keep your beer lines and brewery equipment clean – and your employees and patrons safe

SAFECID beer line cleaning chemicals were developed to be safer for people – and safer for the environment. Beer line cleaning and brewing cleaning with SAFECID means no more tainted flavors; no more burns; no potential lawsuits. What does 0-0-0 in beer line cleaning and brewery cleaning mean?  It means that all Safecid products are rated “triple zero” on the hazmat (hazardous materials) scale. This renders all Safecid products safe for human contact. Safecid does not burn skin or eyes. It is not toxic to breathe and is safe for groundwater release. Your city – and your wastewater treatment facilities will thank you for using SAFECID.It means that all Safecid products are rated “triple zero” on the hazmat (hazardous materials) scale. The amazing thing about Safecid is that SAFE does not translate to: “it doesn’t work.” In fact, most brewers and beer line cleaners who use SAFECID say that it WORKS BETTER than any othe products they’ve used.


SAFECID = Safe AND Powerful.

Safe Does Not Mean Weak: Through patented, revolutionary chemistry:

  • Patented Safecid Alkaline products retain the power of sodium hydroxide.
  • Patented Safecid Acid products retain the power of hydrochloric acid.

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