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Safecid Corporation is the leading innovator of “powerful yet safe” cleaning chemicals. Founded in Oconomowoc,  Wisconsin in 2014 with a mission to provide everyday consumers with SAFER and MORE POWERFUL alternatives to dangerous chemicals. All SAFECID products are patented, safe, and synthetic and won’t burn the skin, harm eye tissue, or damage your lungs, SAFECID products are ecologically sound and environmentally friendly with 0-0-0 hazmat safety rating.

Upon inception, SAFECID began selling chemicals to the pool and spa industry. SAFECID products are used by restaurants, breweries, beer line cleaners, grocery stores, hood cleaners, grill cleaners, printing housesmilitary, hotels and water parks – making it one of the most versatile companies in terms of markets served. SAFECID products are safe for people and the environment without sacrificing cleaning power – a claim no other company can make.

SAFECID was founded in 2014 with a mission to create powerful yet safe cleaning chemicals. Our products are patented, synthetic, and safe for people and the environment. They won’t burn the skin, harm eye tissue or lungs, and are perfect for use in restaurants, breweries, grocery stores, hood cleaners, grill cleaners, military institutions, hotels – anywhere cleanliness is essential.

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