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Better SAFECID Than Sorry

 Beer Line Cleaner Case Study

Why Lou Matsie at Brass Tap Beverage Systems Uses SAFECID For All His Accounts

The Backstory of Brass Tap Beverage Systems

Since 1985, Lou Matsie, the legendary founder of Brass Tap Beverage Systems in Mt. Prospect, Illinois has specialized in the design, installation and maintenance of draft beer systems in the Chicago Metropolitan area. Know widely for his expertise, integrity, excellent work, and deep knowledge of the industry, Lou has been in the draft beer line cleaning business since 1985 and he now services up to 500 accounts including famous establishments like Miller’s Alehouse, Hyatt, Hilton and Doubletree hotels. Brass Tap employs six full-time beer line cleaners plus four lead service technicians to help manage installations, refrigeration and other servicing needs. With almost 40 years of experience in the draft beer industry, it’s safe to say that Lou has the kind of hard-earned wisdom to speak with authority about every aspect of the beer line cleaning business. And one thing Lou feels strongly about is that there isn’t a reason for anyone in the industry to be using harsh, dangerous chemicals for beer line cleaning any longer. 

With the new technology and newer stainless steel fittings, I don’t think that it’s really necessary to have those types of harsh chemicals cleaning lines anymore. And why would you want to use them? Why would you as a business owner want to bring that risk to yourself, your employees and your customers? Why would we want to throw a bunch of harsh chemicals down the drain?  We switched to SAFECID because the product is safe: it’s environmentally-friendly and it’s safe for our employees.

Lou Matsie

Brass Tap Beverage Systems

Beer Line Cleaner at work

Why Lou Decided To Switch to SAFECID Beer Line Cleaner For All of His Chicago Area Accounts

A few years ago, Lou decided to switch to SAFECID as his primary beer line cleaner to ensure that his employees are safe, the clients who depend upon his services are safe, and the customers who drink beer at the establishments he services are safe from bodily harm. Lou says that a typical brewery or brewmaster spends most of their time cleaning because they can’t afford to bring in any contaminants into the brewing process. And unfortunately most brewers and beer line cleaners are still using dangerous chemicals for cleaning.

Given that cleaning is considered 90% of the job by most experts, Lou strongly believes that the chemicals used in the beer line and brewery cleaning business should be SAFE – and keep employees and customers free from the serious harm that can come from splashing toxic beer lines cleaning chemicals on skin, in the eyes – or the accidental consumption of a dangerous chemical from a beer line that has been improperly rinsed. When a product like SAFECID is available, Lou believes this is an unnecessary risk for any beer line cleaning company, bar, restaurant or brewery to take.

“I’m sure everybody in the business has heard horror stories of chemical cleaner being left in the system accidentally – and then someone ends up consuming the chemical. Why would you take that risk? I don’t know why you would want to risk hurting your customers by bringing toxic, harmful chemicals into a food service application, which is essentially what beer is: a food service product.”

Lou Matsie

Brass Tap Beverage Systems

Lou Shares A Story About A “Close Call” On A St. Patrick’s Day Job That Made Him Switch To SAFECID

Lou shared this story on why he now uses SAFECID to clean all his lines. “Unfortunately, a few years ago on St. Patrick’s Day, at one of our larger accounts – that had anywhere from 72 to 96 faucets – we had an incident when one of one of our best guys left a little bit of chemical in one of those beer lines. Now this chemical had a blue dye, and it kind of mixed with the light beer, and it looked green because it hadn’t yet flushed all the way. Mistakenly, one of the young ladies who was bartending tested what she thought was a “Green Beer” in that line – and ended up consuming a little bit of beer and chemical mix. Now thank God, nobody got hurt, but it was really a wake up call for us because these guys were seasoned professionals. But let’s face it, we’re all human, and no matter how careful we are, mistakes can happen – and all you need is just need one guy, one time, overlooking one thing, and then you have an accident on your hands. Nobody wants that.”

“So the question I have is why would you want to take that risk? Why, when there is a product like SAFECID on the market would you want to expose anyone to that danger? I can tell you from being in the business that long, and having worked with every kind of dangerous chemical through the years, it’s relieving to know that my guys are safe, the employees are safe, and the customers that consume the beer in the restaurant are safe. It’s nice having an environmentally-safe product. I’d say that if you tried SAFECID you’d probably find that. We’ve found that.”

Professional Beer Line Cleaner

Everybody’s going green so why do we want to throw a bunch of the harsh chemicals down the drain or take the risk of hurting somebody? It’s just not worth it. Using SAFECID brings a big relief to us as ownership knowing that we’re using something that’s safe: safe for our employees, and safe for other people.” 

Lou Matsie

Owner, Brass Tap Beverage Systems


Top Three Reasons To Use SAFECID for Beer Line Cleaning

    1. A 100% Safety Factor: With SAFECID brewery cleaner, you don’t need to worry about harmful chemicals causing damage to your skin or eyes while cleaning. It is safe to use and offers complete protection to beer line cleaners, employees and customers. No chemical accidents means no harm and no lawsuits.

    2. Powerful, Effective Cleaning: SAFECID offers an unrivaled cleaning experience that removes oils, residues, and bacterial build-up from your beer lines; ensuring that your beer lines are clean and hygienic. The results are guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding of professional beer line cleaners.

    3. Environmentally-Friendly: SAFECID is a product that aligns with your values as an intelligent and eco-conscious beer line cleaner. Its environmentally-friendly qualities ensure that your cleaning process does not have a negative impact on people or the environment, and it is an excellent choice for establishments that care about sustainability and wastewater discharge.

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