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Improve Brewery Safety

Safecid Beer Line & Brewery Cleaning Chemicals keep your beer lines and brewery equipment clean, and your employees and patrons safe.

Brewing & Beer Line Cleaning Products Safe for Human Contact

What does 0-0-0 in beer line cleaning and brewery cleaning mean? It means that all Safecid products are rated “triple zero” on the hazmat (hazardous materials) scale. This renders all Safecid products safe for human contact. Safecid does not burn skin or eyes. It is not toxic to breathe and is safe for groundwater release.

The amazing thing about Safecid is that SAFE does not translate to – “it doesn’t work.”

SAFECID = Safe AND Powerful.

Safe Does Not Mean Weak
Through patented, revolutionary chemistry:

  • Patented Safecid Alkaline products retain the power of sodium hydroxide.
  • Patented Safecid Acid products retain the power of hydrochloric acid.

SafeCID beer line cleaning chemicals get their power from being the most acidic and the most alkaline on the pH scale.

Education And Training

Education and training are the most important elements of beer line cleaning. It is important to know and understand the chemical you are using. Educate yourself. Read the SDS sheets. You will learn at least one thing that you did not know.

Safecid Beer Line Cleaner is different from traditional beer line cleaning chemicals. It has different safety requirements.

Read these steps for the best results. Solid training will result in pristine beer lines and safe employees.


Always use personal protection equipment (PPE) such as eye protective-wear and rubber gloves. Safecid products are safe but can cause minor skin and eye irritations. If you splash any product in your eyes, rinse with water. While Safecid may cause skin irritation, redness, and itching, it will not cause any skin burns.

To Dilute or Not to Dilute

When diluting traditional caustic concentrated chemicals, you add the chemical to water first. If you do the reverse and add the water to the chemical, it can induce a rapid increase in temperature. With Safecid Alkaline Beer Line Cleaner, this risk is not an issue. Adding water to Safecid Caustic will not induce any significant increase in temperature.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Be sure to read the Safecid Safety Data Sheets (SDS). Safecid products are all 0-0-0 on the hazardous materials scale. But it is always advised to read the SDS of any chemical that you handle.


Train all beer line cleaners in proper beer line cleaning procedures and precautions. Review SDS sheets together for a full understanding of chemicals used.