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What’s On Tap at Breweries This Fall?

May 13, 2022

In addition to colorful leaves and crisper temperatures, autumn’s arrival means reacquainting ourselves with heartier, full-bodied beers with toastier, malty flavors and deeper colors. Fall brews are more substantial and flavorful than their lighter and brighter summer counterparts.

However, before your change your taps over to flavorful fall brews, you need to ensure that your beer lines are clean. Why?

Clean beer lines mean good, clean-tasting beer. Chances are your beer lines are clean. But flavors and residue from previous beers – such as citrus or berries – could still be hanging around in your interior lines if they are not cleaned thoroughly. Imagine you’re expecting a hearty chocolate stout and, after the first sip, there is still a residue of grapefruit from that crisp summer ale previously running on that tap.

You don’t want any of the natural oils or stray flavors from previous beers presenting themselves in and interfering with the next beer you run through that line; neither do your customers. The power behind Safecid Alkaline Beer Line Cleaner will not only clear out any lingering flavors and oils, but it will also break down and clean out any residue left behind from your current beer line cleaner. Plus, with Safecid Alkaline Beer Line Cleaner, you don’t need any additives or other products to flush out residual flavors – our powerful beer line cleaner does it all! And just as importantly, it keeps your employees and your customers safe.

Now that your beer lines are thoroughly cleaned, it’s time to add some autumnal staples into your tap rotation. These seasonal fall favorites have a little something for every beer lover:

  • Oktoberfest. This style brings a little piece of Bavaria into your life. Featuring a toasty, bready flavor with minimal hoppy bitterness, you’ll feel like you’re back in the old country.
  • Pumpkin Beer. Fall is synonymous with the “pumpkin-everything” season, including beer. Due to trending popularity, every establishment should offer at least one pumpkin spice beer.
  • Sour Beer. Gaining popularity as of late, sours are best known for their complex tangy flavors. Try a crisp sour ale on a chilly fall day.
  • Amber Ales. Also called “red ale,” this is a perfect style for fall as the deep amber colors mirror those of the changing leaves. It’s toasty, caramel flavor will keep you warm inside on those crisp autumn evenings.
  • Stouts & Porters. When the summer sun sets, darker and filling beers take center stage in autumn. The rich and malty notes of stouts and porters are enhanced by chocolate, coffee, and caramel flavors.
  • Big IPAs. Fall means the bold, hoppy flavors of double and triple IPAs are replacing the summer session ales. Big IPAs have an ABV (alcohol by volume) of up to 10%, guaranteed to keep you warm on chilly nights.
  • Hard Cider. Ciders provide a seasonal alternative for those who are gluten-free or simply don’t enjoy beer. They usually have the crisp refreshing apple flavor or other fruits (such as pear and even pumpkin), although there are pumpkin ciders so you can truly celebrate the season.

By cleaning your beer lines with Safecid Alkaline Beer Line Cleaner you ensure that your customers’ will be served the clean, full-bodied flavor of the beer they choose. There’s no need to worry about traces of lemon lager showing up in their caramel-infused amber ale.

Safecid Beer Line & Brewery Cleaning Products are the powerful and safe solution that keeps your beer lines and brewery equipment clean. No other brewery cleaning solution on the market delivers this much power with this much safety at an affordable price.